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Sleek wrap around ponytail – Velve

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Sleek wrap around ponytail – Velve


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Product Description

Tongable Synthetic Velcro Ponytails

Hair Couture is the epitome of quality that places the sophisticated woman of today far above her peers.
These elite human hair extensions are 100% guaranteed to add that zest needed to complete any style, for there is no beauty that is attractive without zest as stated by Christian Dior. This luxury hair range prides itself on extreme detail from production to finish providing you with that fuller, voluminous, more alluring look making you centre of attention.

Hair Couture is like no other hair extension due to its selection and production process. Offering a vast range of styles and a selection of colours that blend well with your natural hair, giving you that image boost and celebrity confidence that will ensure you feel glamorous 24hrs a day 7 days a week. So if it’s an alter ego like Beyonce or simplicity like Posh Spice, Hair Couture offers a multitude of options to suit your personalities and character. Be two things: classy and fabulous at all times – choose Hair Couture the perfect hair accessory and best friend that will never mislead you.



Velvet Syn Pony

Made from 100% high quality tongable synthetic fibre with Velcro net to secure the ponytail. The hair is tongable up to 200′C and maintains styles better and curls longer. The Velcro ponytail is designed to tie around your own hair to add volume and length to your own ponytail. You get a natural, effortless, glamorous ponytail in seconds!

Construction: Machine made with Velcro fastener

Length: 14″-17″

Weight: 78g-81g

Touch: Silky and Soft

Style: Long, straight style


1/1B, 10/12/613, 12/16/613, 1B/2, 2/4, 27/613, 4/5/27, 5/6, 613, 99J

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